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[PC] Update & 2.01.04 Patch Notes

Have you tried racing your friends in our new T.R.D.S. Rally Events? Now after first introducing our golf cart and dumpster races, we got some sweet new jetski and buggy races for ya'll to try out! Check it out here on Steam or snag it on Epic!

2.01.04 Patch Notes:

  • Slowed player rotation while walking for more precise maneuverability

  • Reduce camera assist left/right target angle corrections for better control

  • Left/right deadzone improvements for jetski and land vehicles

  • Cool Your Jets New Rally Event - Jetski race at Cheek's Crest (N.W. corner)

  • Buggy Around New Rally Event - Buggy race at Sunset Beach (S.W. near wizard)

  • Tour de Tornado Rally Event is now two laps long (and leaderboard reset)

  • Starting positions for Rally Events are now randomized

  • Respawn from pause menu now also available during a race

  • Reduce background noise network bandwidth consumption for sleeping race obstacles

  • Race checkpoint colliders have been adjusted

  • Water ramp boosts now add force over time instead of all at once

  • Players no longer ungrapple from jetski when landing after a jump

  • Fixed an issue with the paint shop that was causing skins to revert

Thanks everyone and have fun! We would love to see your pics and vids on social media (links bottom of page)!


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