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[PC/MAC] 2.03.03 Update

Free Play / Progression Modes,

New Event, & Fall Visuals!

Howdy veteran delivery crew!

We're excited to share what we've been working on since our last update.

four trds character chilling together with soda pop

🧸Free Play Mode🧸

  • New mode with all zones, deliveries, and vehicles unlocked! No need to progress, just vibes

  • Players can’t earn money, gain achievements, or place in the leaderboard. It’s the fair thing to do for the longtime players

  • Online server for Free Play indicated by the bear icon

📦Progression Mode📦

  • Zones, deliveries, and vehicles must be unlocked through playing. This mode is the same as it’s been since Totally Delivered launched

  • Players can still earn money, gain achievements, and place in the leaderboard

  • Online server for Progression Mode indicated by the package icon

🏁Hustle Bounce Event🏁

Footrace against your friends across the tops of the Hustle Beach hotels using trampolines!

🍂Fall Seasonal Changes🍂

Orange you glad it’s fall? Totally Reliable Delivery Service has it's own Seasonal Manager now! Our game now automatically decorates the landscape for Fall and Summer! Huzzah!

More things:

  • More objects can be attached to vehicle hooks

  • New network tab in pause menu

  • Ban list and unban implementation

  • Informative modal for when you’ve been banned

  • Trampoline physics changes

  • Increase rocket car durability at low velocity

  • Downtown Drive Down start and finish images

  • Default settings now correctly resets graphics

  • Ambient Occlusion disabled on Low graphics setting

  • Catapult physics changes

  • Respawn improvements

  • Higher tailgate on mule vehicle to help with deliveries

  • Grab indicators hidden in local play join screen

  • Customization automatically saved when exiting customization

  • Correct location icons for Hovercraft Derby and Booster Club

  • Shop can now be used by multiple people at once

  • Photo mode bug fixed where camera was pointing at the ground

  • Vehicle paint shop bug fixed where the first object in a category is selected every time a skin is equipped

  • Sun machine bug fixed where sky colors were wrong when joystick moved to the right

  • Hovercraft Derby bug fixed where platform rotations appeared glitchy for online clients

  • Fire extinguisher bug fixed where spray would be visible for a few seconds after explosion

  • Graphics issue fixed for event "Waiting for Host" UI prompt

  • Explosive barrels on Cyberfunk fixed

  • Graphics issue fixed for body type 2 pants

  • More localizations

  • Chair/table colliders improved

  • A single cake

Up ahead: Linux Release and more~

Secret cheat for all of yous who came down here: /ihavethepowertostopthesun - Toggle the movement of the sun


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