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[Xbox/Switch/PS4] Totally Delivered Update Live on Consoles!

Totally Reliable Delivery Service, now Totally Delivered!


  • Updated Graphics - Feels like a new game with art and graphics updated throughout!

  • Updated Characters - New character graphical updates and facial animations! Look for more updates to the character's facial expressions and emotes in the coming future too!

  • Updated User Interfaces, In-Game Map, and many other snazzy features

    • Map - Get a detailed overview of where the action is and respawn at zones you've unlocked before

    • Overview and Zone Details - Quickly track your completed deliveries, collectibles collected, garages unlocked and more in the new pause menu

    • Cinematics - Get the lay of the land whenever unlocking a new zone

  • 🎥 Photo Mode! 🎥 - Take sweet photos or moving shots with your friends. Many different filters and features!

  • Improved Controls - Improvements to current controls and a new simple control scheme option makes the game easier to pick up and play for new and veteran players.

  • Hovercraft Derby - Already dominating all your friends in Booster Club? Try the new competitive event from beyond!

  • Progression System - Only the best delivery drivers progress to new zones, get access to new delivery routes & vehicle options, and unlock shops, garages, & power-ups around the map

  • Collectibles Challenge - Find all of the hidden collectibles in each zone for $$$

  • Cosmetic Shop - Buy the latest fashion trends to spice up your look

  • Vehicle Paint Shop - Wanna stand out from the crowd? Pull up in your hot pink pick-up truck.

  • Power-ups Hub - Access all your unlocked power-ups from one place

We hope you all enjoy this big new update on consoles! (Mobile update in the works... 😁)


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