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Totally Reliable Developer Blog

Finally we got our butts into gear and got this Linux release out for some of ya. Let us know if you have any issues, or please share anything else you enjoy or want in the game~ Thanks! ^___^

Free Play / Progression Modes,

New Event, & Fall Visuals!

Howdy veteran delivery crew!

We're excited to share what we've been working on since our last update.

four trds character chilling together with soda pop

🧸Free Play Mode🧸

  • New mode with all zones, deliveries, and vehicles unlocked! No need to progress, just vibes

  • Players can’t earn money, gain achievements, or place in the leaderboard. It’s the fair thing to do for the longtime players

  • Online server for Free Play indicated by the bear icon

📦Progression Mode📦

  • Zones, deliveries, and vehicles must be unlocked through playing. This mode is the same as it’s been since Totally Delivered launched

  • Players can still earn money, gain achievements, and place in the leaderboard

  • Online server for Progression Mode indicated by the package icon

🏁Hustle Bounce Event🏁

Footrace against your friends across the tops of the Hustle Beach hotels using trampolines!

🍂Fall Seasonal Changes🍂

Orange you glad it’s fall? Totally Reliable Delivery Service has it's own Seasonal Manager now! Our game now automatically decorates the landscape for Fall and Summer! Huzzah!

More things:

  • More objects can be attached to vehicle hooks

  • New network tab in pause menu

  • Ban list and unban implementation

  • Informative modal for when you’ve been banned

  • Trampoline physics changes

  • Increase rocket car durability at low velocity

  • Downtown Drive Down start and finish images

  • Default settings now correctly resets graphics

  • Ambient Occlusion disabled on Low graphics setting

  • Catapult physics changes

  • Respawn improvements

  • Higher tailgate on mule vehicle to help with deliveries

  • Grab indicators hidden in local play join screen

  • Customization automatically saved when exiting customization

  • Correct location icons for Hovercraft Derby and Booster Club

  • Shop can now be used by multiple people at once

  • Photo mode bug fixed where camera was pointing at the ground

  • Vehicle paint shop bug fixed where the first object in a category is selected every time a skin is equipped

  • Sun machine bug fixed where sky colors were wrong when joystick moved to the right

  • Hovercraft Derby bug fixed where platform rotations appeared glitchy for online clients

  • Fire extinguisher bug fixed where spray would be visible for a few seconds after explosion

  • Graphics issue fixed for event "Waiting for Host" UI prompt

  • Explosive barrels on Cyberfunk fixed

  • Graphics issue fixed for body type 2 pants

  • More localizations

  • Chair/table colliders improved

  • A single cake

Up ahead: Linux Release and more~

Secret cheat for all of yous who came down here: /ihavethepowertostopthesun - Toggle the movement of the sun

HUGE Update & macOS Release!!!

  • 📛 Totally Reliable TUTORIAL

  • 🚀 Rocket Car Rally Event

  • 🕹️ Joystick HUD Visualizer

  • 🧷 Hook for securing items on biplane and helicopter

  • 💪 Character Strength Up!

  • 🎆 Fireworks! and much more~


  • 🖥️ macOS Release - T.R.D.S. v2 finally on Macs!

  • Tutorial - Get a Totally Reliable training session by running through our warehouse course before you hit the real streetz

  • Updated Main Menu Flow - Play Local / Play Online / Tutorial

  • Boost to the Beach (New Rocket Car Rally Event) - Race others in the challenging & fast rocket car from GASA to Hustle Beach

Hook on biplane and joystick hud visualizers
  • Joystick HUD Visualizer - On-screen interface to help visually teach our Totally Reliable joystick interactions (Always on in Tutorial and toggle in Settings for switching on in main game)

  • Hook - Hook attachment on helicopter and biplane for securing packages and various other objects while in flight

  • Character Strength Improvement - Strength now builds over time, resulting in the character being twice as strong as before

  • Fireworks! - Interactable object that is only available around map during Summer time

  • Ping Deliveries - Find the location of deliveries/events in game through pinging it in the Leaderboards pause menu tab

  • Force Run toggle preference saved between sessions

  • Hovercraft Derby rotating platforms physics improved

  • Hovercraft Derby and Booster Club can no longer be started if a game event is already active

  • Wrong password modal notification when unsuccessfully entering a server with a password

  • If Best Region is picked, show which region was automatically selected once you are connected to the network

  • Make dropdown selection for controllers more bold

  • Photo mode rotation and camera sensitivity updates

  • Indicators/tracking icons for additional packages in multi-package deliveries

  • Event marker notification logic updates

  • Remove delivery end map marker when you end or cancel a delivery and also refresh the map icons if you cancel

  • Fix players not being able to lift arms while host is chatting (typing in chat box)

  • Fix large amount of unlock sounds when clients join a server

  • Fix smoke particle effect at downtown spawn when client grappling

  • Redundant exit modal no longer used for in-game customize shop

  • Stop event triggers from starting if player 1's Hide Hud is active

  • Chat box can no longer show up invisibly while HUD is turned off (causing player to not be able to control anything but there's no indication that the chat box is open)

  • Character customizer reverts to select items after moving mouse off of hovered-over/previewed items or when moving to different tabs

  • Skin tones in local menu now save so they don’t get reverted

  • Hair colorizing fix for Steampunk outfit facial hair

  • Fix Cyberpunk cosmetic outfit on body type 2 in main menu

  • Red pants bleed fix

  • Fix Settings > Controls not defaulting to correct controller and control scheme

  • Stop vehicle and delivery lock crates from spawning in a DLC area when a DLC is locked

  • Fix text going out of container bounds for rally events in some languages

  • No more lock boxes for Stunt Sets’ garage

  • Fixes for if you start a local game without a player in player one slot

  • Fix bug with multiple players triggering first checkpoint in rally events

  • Bug fixes for when clients join a server with an event already running

  • Localizations

We hope you all enjoy this big update! (Next update teaser... Free-play/Sandbox mode 😁)

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