Totally Reliable Developer Blog

  • ONLINE OPTIMIZATIONS - We've had a team member dedicate to online optimizations for some time and we're finally releasing them! Try it out! What do you think?

  • Toggle HUD - Toggle your HUD/UI with F1 or through the pause menu settings for taking some nice screenshots and clutter-free clips


  • Annoying ghost on your tail? Fart on 'em! Ghosts HATE farts. Also, Ghosts no longer knock you out (and they will be auto leaving the game from December 1st).

  • The face mask cosmetic still prevents knockouts from other players' farts, but now the wearer will momentarily lose their grip (to help with annoying, grabby-hands players with all the power-ups)

  • Vehicle audio feedback improvements

  • Invert controls on tuba jetpack to more closely mimic other flying vehicles

  • Tune down pickup turning sensitivity a bit

  • Versioning style change (1.10490 -> 1.49.0)


  • Various online bugs (rumble from a player falling in water affecting all players, power-ups equipped by other players before new player joining not being visible, excessive click sound effects from pause menu when respawning, etc.)

  • Fix infinite jump bug when holding an item in front of you

  • Fix dancing delivery truck bug happening for some players

  • Speed up the jetski that became super slow for some reason...

Grab some pumpkins and watch out for ghosts... It's HALLOWEEN!

  • Teddy Seek (New Event) - Dusk falls upon you while you race against time with your friends to find the hidden teddy bears and unlock the new floatie power-up and 🍌BANANA HAT🍌!

  • 🐸 Frog Floatie! 🐸 - With your new frog floatie power-up, all your water-related fears leave you by the wayside as you now dive in headfirst without reservations. Ah, the freedom and relaxation of fresh video game water~

  • Ancient Sun Machine 🗿 - A new device has been discovered hidden in the thick of the jungle. This machine can control the movement of the sun! What will you do with this new power under the blob of your hand?

  • Surgical Mask Cosmetic 😷 - It offers real protection... in game too... no more fainting from bad smells!

  • "Big Secret Bear" Achievement - Shh! It's a secret.

  • "Too Powerful" Achievement - Ok, a hint... uh... put on some power-ups...


  • Package Dispenser joystick - Moving the joystick down on a package dispenser now also starts a delivery, but does not cancel a delivery if in progress like moving the joystick up does.

  • Speedboat - Reversing engine now has a lower pitch then forward and does not trigger jet

  • Smoother sun movement

  • Additional localization


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