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[PC/MAC] 1.49.0 Patch Notes

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

  • ONLINE OPTIMIZATIONS - We've had a team member dedicate to online optimizations for some time and we're finally releasing them! Try it out! What do you think?

  • Toggle HUD - Toggle your HUD/UI with F1 or through the pause menu settings for taking some nice screenshots and clutter-free clips


  • Annoying ghost on your tail? Fart on 'em! Ghosts HATE farts. Also, Ghosts no longer knock you out (and they will be auto leaving the game from December 1st).

  • The face mask cosmetic still prevents knockouts from other players' farts, but now the wearer will momentarily lose their grip (to help with annoying, grabby-hands players with all the power-ups)

  • Vehicle audio feedback improvements

  • Invert controls on tuba jetpack to more closely mimic other flying vehicles

  • Tune down pickup turning sensitivity a bit

  • Versioning style change (1.10490 -> 1.49.0)


  • Various online bugs (rumble from a player falling in water affecting all players, power-ups equipped by other players before new player joining not being visible, excessive click sound effects from pause menu when respawning, etc.)

  • Fix infinite jump bug when holding an item in front of you

  • Fix dancing delivery truck bug happening for some players

  • Speed up the jetski that became super slow for some reason...


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