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[PC/MAC] 1.1047 Patch Notes

Fly! Fly! Fly like a birdy~

  • ~ Wings ~ 🦇 - Unlock this new power-up and make your deliveries in true style

  • New Competitive Event (Windy Wings) - Make your way to the Windy Butte and compete with friends to see who is the most skilled winged delivery expert and win new rewards!

  • Day/Night!!! 🌞🌜- We lost the sun somehow in a previous update, but now it's back and it's on the move! Now you can watch the sunset at Sunset beach, cruise through downtown with your headlights on, and finally find a nice spot to catch the sunrise.

  • New Package Contents 📦 - Discover more unique items that can spill out of your clients' destroyed packages

  • Leaderboard Improvements- See the Top 7 players for each delivery/event and get an indicator to see where in the world you can complete it yourself

  • Event Localization Updates - Continuing language translations for our delivery people around the world


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