[PC] 1.1042 Patch Notes

Power to the fishes!

Totally Reliable Patch Notes 1.1042:

  • Fishes from fish stands can now be consistently used to fend off other players when yielded

  • Many optimizations for performance improvements in both local and online play

  • Support for Google Stadia controller and additional support for unrecognized controllers

  • Fix for mouse not being confined within game when in windowed mode

  • Server search now case-insensitive

  • Fix “All Work No Play” achievement not unlocking

  • Duck boat graphical glitch fix

  • Cosmetic unlock fix for fragile deliveries

  • Fix for some items not updating appropriately within Character Customization

  • Several character cosmetic visual fixes

  • Fix issue where delivery progress was being erased by online games in certain situations

  • Fix for player not receiving a new high score when playing online in certain cases

  • Fix some package dispensers incorrectly showing “New Delivery” after having been completed

  • Localization fixes

  • Many other small miscellaneous fixes

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