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New updates for PS4 and Xbox available now!

Totally Reliable Patch Notes for PS4 01.05 & Xbox

  • Support for friend-only lobbies

  • Fix hangs/crashes when playing in split-screen

  • Fix issue when adding more than one player to local game after joining by invitation on a password protected server

  • Improve password input field when highlighted

  • Additional minor bug fixes

Our Nintendo Switch update is on its way and is currently being reviewed by Nintendo.

We optimized too hard in the last patch and messed up grappling a lil'... sorry! Should be totally reliable again!

Totally Reliable Patch Notes 1.1043:

  • Fix grapple priority issues

Power to the fishes!

Totally Reliable Patch Notes 1.1042:

  • Fishes from fish stands can now be consistently used to fend off other players when yielded

  • Many optimizations for performance improvements in both local and online play

  • Support for Google Stadia controller and additional support for unrecognized controllers

  • Fix for mouse not being confined within game when in windowed mode

  • Server search now case-insensitive

  • Fix “All Work No Play” achievement not unlocking

  • Duck boat graphical glitch fix

  • Cosmetic unlock fix for fragile deliveries

  • Fix for some items not updating appropriately within Character Customization

  • Several character cosmetic visual fixes

  • Fix issue where delivery progress was being erased by online games in certain situations

  • Fix for player not receiving a new high score when playing online in certain cases

  • Fix some package dispensers incorrectly showing “New Delivery” after having been completed

  • Localization fixes

  • Many other small miscellaneous fixes


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