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Updated: Apr 8

Thanks for all your support Android users! Our teams are working hard to get T.R.D.S. supported on more Android devices. The game currently requires 3GB+ RAM to run totally reliably.

Totally Reliable Android 1.3 Patch Notes:

  • Play Games support: Link your account and transfer your game progress across devices

  • Optimizations and improved performance

  • Gamepad UI layout updates

  • Improve gamepad controls for Customization screen, pop-ups, and Cargo Helicopter magnet

  • Cargo Helicopter magnet fixed in multiplayer

  • Delivery results now add up properly in multiplayer

  • Fix issue with missing controls after exploding vehicles in multiplayer

  • Stunts Sets security gates no longer damage players

  • Fix rotating camera glitch in vehicles

  • Fix crash caused by changing the device language

  • Music and sound settings don’t reset on relaunch

  • Fix Camera Assist option not being able to be re-enabled after being disabled in a play session

  • Various interface fixes and improvements

  • Localization fixes

  • Store menu updates

New updates for PS4 and Xbox available now!

Totally Reliable Patch Notes for PS4 01.04 & Xbox

  • Fix achievement "All Work No Play" which would not unlock after collecting all other achievements

  • Can now password protect room for online games

  • Camera assist and tooltips enabled as default

  • Load times improved

  • Optimizations to fix issues with camera stutter and body physics when in an online game

  • LOD optimizations

  • Randomize character customization fixes

  • Store menu updates

  • Loading screen icon adjustments

Some of the catapult deliveries got totally too hard, so we gave the catapult more power!

Totally Reliable Patch Notes 1.1041:

  • Increase catapult power and adjust some deliveries involving the catapult

  • Add more support for generic gamepads and some basic mappings for unknown controllers

  • Banned players get a proper disconnect message

  • Add logging to help troubleshoot authentication issues


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