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Totally Reliable Developer Blog

Totally Reliable Delivery Service, now Totally Delivered!


  • Updated Graphics - Feels like a new game with art and graphics updated throughout!

  • Updated Characters - New character graphical updates and facial animations! Look for more updates to the character's facial expressions and emotes in the coming future too!

  • Updated User Interfaces, In-Game Map, and many other snazzy features

    • Map - Get a detailed overview of where the action is and respawn at zones you've unlocked before

    • Overview and Zone Details - Quickly track your completed deliveries, collectibles collected, garages unlocked and more in the new pause menu

    • Cinematics - Get the lay of the land whenever unlocking a new zone

  • 🎥 Photo Mode! 🎥 - Take sweet photos or moving shots with your friends. Many different filters and features!

  • Improved Controls - Improvements to current controls and a new simple control scheme option makes the game easier to pick up and play for new and veteran players.

  • Hovercraft Derby - Already dominating all your friends in Booster Club? Try the new competitive event from beyond!

  • Progression System - Only the best delivery drivers progress to new zones, get access to new delivery routes & vehicle options, and unlock shops, garages, & power-ups around the map

  • Collectibles Challenge - Find all of the hidden collectibles in each zone for $$$

  • Cosmetic Shop - Buy the latest fashion trends to spice up your look

  • Vehicle Paint Shop - Wanna stand out from the crowd? Pull up in your hot pink pick-up truck.

  • Power-ups Hub - Access all your unlocked power-ups from one place

We hope you all enjoy this big new update on consoles! (Mobile update in the works... 😁)

From custom key bindings to improved mouse & keyboard support for vehicle controls, we're back with some quality of life improvements for you all to enjoy!

Check-out the complete list below and as always feel free to come and join us on Discord to discuss those changes with us!

We have also just added in a new outfit, proposed by one of our players who won the Costume Contest last month (Hey @CleMad!). Check-it out below, and in-game of course!

2.01.09 Patch Notes:

  • New key binding feature

  • Mouse & keyboard right hand joystick controls greatly improved

  • Leaderboards at the end of rally events

  • Hook mechanism for placing packages on helicopters

  • New Steampunk outfit

  • Breakable arrow signs

  • Notifications reduced at top center of screen when in rally event

  • Adjustments to controls diagrams for readability

  • Fix helmet persisting invincibility bug

  • Fix hair/hats not refreshing after losing helmet

  • Fix bug where online guest players lose wings but still can fly

  • Fix issue with outfits reverting when trying to apply outfits using mouse

  • Reduce Dumpster Cart engine audio by 40%

  • Reduce metal sign clank by 40% and all vehicle impact SFX by 20%

  • The respawn button in map no longer toggles run when online

  • Fix pause menu opening when closing wizard dialog with ESC

  • Removed collision from pinwheels

  • Stop stop signs from popping up a little when getting near them

  • Remove vehicle flipper mechanic from helicopter

  • Many more localizations

Thanks everyone and have fun playing around in our game! Big things planned for the future and we would love to see your screenshots and videos on social media (links at the bottom of the page).

Have you tried racing your friends in our new T.R.D.S. Rally Events? Now after first introducing our golf cart and dumpster races, we got some sweet new jetski and buggy races for ya'll to try out! Check it out here on Steam or snag it on Epic!

2.01.04 Patch Notes:

  • Slowed player rotation while walking for more precise maneuverability

  • Reduce camera assist left/right target angle corrections for better control

  • Left/right deadzone improvements for jetski and land vehicles

  • Cool Your Jets New Rally Event - Jetski race at Cheek's Crest (N.W. corner)

  • Buggy Around New Rally Event - Buggy race at Sunset Beach (S.W. near wizard)

  • Tour de Tornado Rally Event is now two laps long (and leaderboard reset)

  • Starting positions for Rally Events are now randomized

  • Respawn from pause menu now also available during a race

  • Reduce background noise network bandwidth consumption for sleeping race obstacles

  • Race checkpoint colliders have been adjusted

  • Water ramp boosts now add force over time instead of all at once

  • Players no longer ungrapple from jetski when landing after a jump

  • Fixed an issue with the paint shop that was causing skins to revert

Thanks everyone and have fun! We would love to see your pics and vids on social media (links bottom of page)!

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